Constructing A Bookshelf

Learners need to see the connection between math problems and real-life problems.

Competencies: Math - converting feet to inches, fractions and equivalents, differences, reading and interpreting, problem solving, measurements, applying math to life context.


  • Posterboard
  • Yard stick
  • Pencils
  • Butcher paper
  • Tape measure

Activities: Have participants first draw and design a bookshelf. Write out size. Allow students the opportunity to make, measure, and cut out paper boards from poster board, butcher paper, etc. Ask them to label the vertical boards "A!' and the horizontal boards "B". Discuss the following questions:

  • Each "A' board is _ long. Each "A' board is ___ times as longs as a "B" board. Each "B" board is ___ long. Each "B" board is ___ times as short as "A'' boards.
  • If you want to make a bookshelf six feet (6') long, how many "A" boards would you need?

Extended activities:

  • Construct a room library / bedroom, etc. Have the students draw and set dimensions for a room with a doorway, etc. (Ex. 16' x 22") Construct rectangle. Label sides of your drawing. Which sides will be 16 feet, which will be 22 feet? Why?
  • Answer the following questions: What is the perimeter of the room in feet? In inches? In yards?
  • Do the same type of exercise for constructing a door.


Opportunity to successfully construct a bookshelf and convert measurements. Student will list all the things they learned and re-learned from this lesson. The students will share the most important thing they learned that will assist them in their career goals

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