Family Activity

Ages 5-8

Title: "I Appreciate You"

Materials: As suggested in the directions below

Knowing the special qualities about us as individuals is the first step in building our self-esteem, We can share these qualities with our families.


    1.Your child will love to hear stories about herself/himself before she was born especially how you chose his/her name. Don't forget to tell about the names you almost used and them discarded

    2. Let the child choose a special day when he/she will be "Queen/King" for the whole 24 hours. The child could skip household chores, for example, watch his/her choice of television programs, and sit in the preferred seat in the car. (Be reasonable and safe though.)

    3.Help your child create something unique - a clay sculpture, painted rock, or holiday ornament as a surprise gift for dad or mom or grandparents or a special person in her life.

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