1999 GTE Minigrants

A Better Way of Life Learning Center These are the 1999 GTE minigrants. They were made possible by the generosity of GTE and the collaborative effort of the National Institute for Literacy, the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, the State Resource Centers for each of the states represented here, and of course the teachers and students from each of the programs who dedicated their time and energy to completing each project. The primary goals for these projects were to integrate technology into the classroom experience and to expand resources for the adult literacy community.

Each program selected their own topic based on their unique student population. Every effort was made to include the full spectrum of adult basic education students from GED to ABE, urban to rural and other special populations. Each program was encouraged to expand upon their current use of technology or to venture into unexplored territory. We think these projects provide excellent examples of how adult basic education programs can use technology and how we can all share our experience and expertise with our colleagues.

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