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Friday, August 04, 2006
Midwest LINCS: Family Literacy Space
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Authentic Text

  • Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom: A Handbook for Practitioners
      Scroll down for the link to this resource. this book is an introduction to providing literacy instruction based upon the literacy needs and interests learners have outside of the classroom.

  • From Lessons to Life: Authentic Materials Bridge the Gap
      A "how to" article about using authentic materials with adult students.

  • Ideas for using Authentic text in low level ESL classes
      Suggestions for using several types of authentic text (adds, menus, labels, comics, etc.) with ESL students.

  • Selecting Authentic Materials
      A checklist for selecting authentic materials for students.

  • Taking Literacy Skills Home
      Research finds that use of authentic reading materials in class increases learners' out-of-class literacy activities.

  • Using Authentic Materials
      A short overview of the use of authentic materials in an adult classroom.

  • Using Authentic Text (from a virtual conference)
      This resource explores issues related to authentic texts, strategies for their use with students, and the implications for explicit teaching in an information skills framework.
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