Punctuate the following sentences using:       [Print this page to use offline.]


"." or "!" ends a sentence; the exclamation point is used for emphasis.

a "," separates words, phrases, clauses that are in a series, or following a proper name if it is used to address the person

and a ";" separates a series, if commas are used in the basic phrases or clauses that make up the series

and a hyphen "-" denotes a compound word, that is two root words combined in an unusual manner, such as Tuesday-work or boy-child.

My reaction is to forget it ignore it laugh at it and never regret it

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A black and white milk cow rambled out of the gray green brush as if she was waiting for a friend to catch up A little calf came next followed by another and then another The cow was the mother of triplets

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Mary tell John the golf tournament starts Tuesday at 10 Wednesday at 7 and Thursday at 8

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Ice cream sodas banana splits and sundaes are great treats on hot summer days but some people enjoy them all year round
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