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Alphabetic Knowledge Activities 1. Basket of colored objects and plastic letters:
Task: pick out all the letters

2. Magnetic Tray and letters
Task: identify as letters. "What do you call these things?"
Task: pick from 3 the letter beginning child's name.
Task: spell words

3. Labels of Environment
Task: find cards that match
Task: find the labels that starts with (sound) tie table
Task: find the object that rhymes with ie fable
Task: Match names on lockers

4. Moveable Alphabet
Task: Match card and moveable alphabet letter
Task: Match letters an name card
Task: Find letters that are in name

5. Reading tasks
Task: find a single letter (initial consonant) an the page
Task: find a word on page
(Use written match, then ask for orally)

6. Writing tasks
Task: write what is for snack and display before and during snack
Task: point out the task of writing sign in
Task: take attendance and write notes

7. "Write with me" task
Task: give paper and pencil, after "tell me what it says"

8. Make place mats for snack
Task: Get ready for snack by choosing one's name from pile

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