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Cutting Extensions More projects for your writing bin materials

1. More lotto games: Change your child's homework into a game!

2. Cut out a picture from a newspaper, like a car. Use the markers to add all kinds of extras to the picture, like fancy wheels, extra antennas, or a wild paint job.

3. Fold paper into quarters. Punch a bunch of holes or make some cuts. Then open up the folds for a snowflake.

4. Paste odd scrapes of fabric and other things into a collage.

5. Cut out a picture of a face from a magazine. Now cut it in half from top to bottom. Paste one half on a paper. Draw in the other half. You can apply this to all kinds of "half' pictures.

6. Punch out dots from colored paper and from foil. Paste the dots to make another picture. You can also paste them on a picture from a magazine.

7. Make some "practice cutting" cards. Cut small rectangles of paper. Draw a straight line or two for your child to try and cut on. This is a good beginning cutting project.

8. Write some letters and numbers on a paper for your child to copy. Help them write their names. Dress up a name with the markers.

9. Make letters into other things, like a j can become an umbrella, and s can become a snake.

10. Cut out pictures from junk mail, circulars, or magazines just for the practice of cutting.

11. Punch out letters and numbers from small squares of paper. Arrange them to spell a word or a name. Paste them to make a plaque for your door.

12. Make a picture frame for special pictures. Cut out the center from a piece of construction paper. Draw around the frame, punch out a design or paste on something.

13. Make a holder for the markers. Turn over an egg carton. Punch a hole in each egg cup. Decorate it. Insert the markers so that they stand up. You can see if the caps are on the markers.

14. Silly Dilly Grocery Store: Cut out pictures from a grocery circular. Paste on another paper to make your own flyer. Get silly. Make the costs different, put a bug in the fruit, core the meat green, sell odd things at the grocery store…

15. Add your ideas.



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