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Flower Press
An activity for boys and girls ... and parents, too.

1. Cut a square of pegboard masonite 8 inches by 8 inches. Be sure that each comer has a hole for the bolt.
2. Sand the edges smooth.
3. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 11/2 inches square . Cut off each corner.
4. Cut 4 pieces of construction paper the same size as the cardboard. You can add more layers of cardboard and paper if you want.
5. Collect 4 bolts
8 washers
4 wing nuts.
6. Secure each corner as pictured.
7. Sign and date your work.

Nature Walks
Go on walks to collect a variety of flowers and leaves.
Use in spring, summer, fall and winter.
Compare the flowers and leaves from season to season.
Anticipation: the children will want to check the drying process each day.
It is a good manipulative activity to open and close the wing nuts.

Paste the pressed flowers and leaves on cards to make pictures or stationery. If you can laminate your work, do so.
Think about your whole picture as you gather flowers and leaves.
Think about color, shape, size and texture.
Predict how well you think a special flower will press. Check your prediction.

What else can you press? Your child might like to press an insect!!!

This is a family activity. All ages can enjoy collecting.

Flower Press Materials List

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