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Letter Go Round Decorate and color in the Game Board

Make dice or pick sticks to move around the board

Make a game piece for each player. Make them from household objects like a thimble or a matchbox car; foil in a special shape milk cap or lid with a cardboard disk in it that is decorated

To play:
Role the die and move the number of spaces. Or pick a stick to move to the right color
Read the letter that you land on. (See game variations)
Take turns until your all each the finish.

Game variations
Read the letters TO the child and talk about words that start with that letter.
Tell the child the sound the letter makes and haw a word that starts with the sound.
Find something in the room that starts with the letter.
Read the letter and say the letter that follows it in the alphabet.
Find the letter in the phone book.
Copy the letter on paper.
Name a place that starts with the letter, ie, Cincinnati, No.Carolina and church all start with c. Use other categories.

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