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Car Motor Mat ... & Gas Pump, Too! Play around your "neighborhood" and learn safety, too

l. Draw some ideas on paper before you begin drawing on the cloth.
2. List some buildings and places around your neighborhood that you want to include.
3. What kinds of signs can you add to teach reading and safety. Draw them here first.

1. Cut a square piece of fabric about 42" x 42". Sew the unfinished edges under on the sewing machine.
2. Draw roads on the fabric in pencil. Then redraw in fabric paint or permanent marker. Add buildings, rivers and signs.

1. Cut a block of 2x2 about4 inches long. Sand it smooth.
2. Drill two holes-- one in the side at an angle-the other in the front.
3. Cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long.
4. Tie it to a screw and drive the screw into the hole on the front.
5. Dip the other end of the yarn in glue, wipe off the extra and let it dry so that it is hard and straight. It goes into the hole in the side of the block.
6. Decorate the block like a gas pump. Sign and date your work in the comer.

(If you have plastic cars, drill a small hole in the back for the gas tank hole.)

1. Cut some wood in various shapes to be houses, a school, library, stores, etc.
2. Draw on them with permanent marker.
3. Write signs on them.

When you play on the motor mat with your children, you can talk about cars, kids and playing it safe.

Safety Rules:
What do you need to know about stop signs? What so walk/don't walk signs look like? How can we use traffic lights to know when to walk?

What do walkers/pedestrians need to know about drivers?

How do you look both ways for cars?

Where should you cross the street? Add cross walks to the motor mat.

What is a sidewalk for? Can you add sidewalks to the motor mat?

What other signs tell kids about their neighborhoods?

Motor Mat Materials List

The signs project is a perfect addition and follow up to this one. if you make all the pieces-- mat, pump, buildings and signs, it could be a multiweek project.

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