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Nobody Home Game Make a set of cards for each child's ability

1. A game board with 6 x 6 squares (total 36) ; you can make a 3 x 3 matrix for younger children

2. Dice: home-made or regular six dot (In this example, one die has 1 through 6 on the faces and the other has 7 through 12.)

3. Sign the corner of your gameboard

4. Make 36 cards (with extras) see list for ideas to each age

1. Cover each nobody home space with a card.

2. Roll the dice (in the example, 3 and 8 come up).

3. Place the dice on top of the 3 and 8 and run one finger down from the 3 column and the other finger across from the 8 row.

4. Read the card at the intersection. Do what it says.

5. Give the card to the player (for a more competitive game) or make a pile for all the players of the cards (for a more cooperative, group game).

6. Repeat the process; if a card has already been taken from the space, the player reads "Nobody Home," the name of the game. Some cards may be "Read any card." The player getting that card gets it and any other one card s/he chooses to read from the ones left on the board.

Discuss what card set you will make for different age children.

How can you make a game of homework?

Nobody Home Game Card variations
REAL ITEMS TO NAME You can put small objects on the board instead of cards, things like a button, key, spoon, paper clip, action figure, etc.

PICTURES TO NAME Cut pictures of food from circulars or things from magazines and paste on cards


COLORS red, yellow, brown, pink, etc.

COLORED SHAPES a combination of the two above

ANIMALS Cut pictures from magazines or draw then on cards

QUANTITY dots in a variety of designs

LETTERS Capital and lower case letters

NUMERALS 1 2 3 9 11 26 77 100 1,325 etc.

READING NAMES OF FAMILY MEMBERS and other significant words meaningful to a family like address and phone number: Pam Antonio Tonya Mom Aunt Lin Grama Sadie

READING SIGHT WORDS: the, was, one, won, to, etc.


I TO 1 CORRESPONDENCE Count the dots

ADDITION FACTS 1+1 3+2 6+7 12+12 24+45 OTHER MATH FACTS

SPELLING WORDS making homework ideas into a game

A/a, B/b, C/c... The child reads one letter and must write its capital

READ THE SENTENCE ... Jump up, touch your nose, stand on one foot, pretend to be a frog...

FOREIGN LANGUAGE Put the English on one side and the translation on the other side

TIME CARDS 3:00 5:10 9:30 nine thirty

STATES AND CAPITALS Ohio- Columbus, Kentucky- Frankfort...

SEQUENCES, 1,_,3,4... a, b,_ d, e... 1+1, 2+2, _+_, 4+4... 5l,_ _ 79,_



Nobody Home Game Materials List

Work through with the parents an appropriate choice of cards for the ages of their children. The list moves from easy to hard.

My favorite (and original) game was to make names of all the members of our family. Even my three your old learned to site read all the names ... even all the ones that began with grama or grandpa! The 4s and 5s are ripe for this. They love "owning" their brothers' cards...

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