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Pick Sticks Game Board Games: Pick Sticks

Pick the path that you want to follow. Then add all your personal ideas to make a special game just for your family.

1. Use one of the two game board paths already photocopied or make up one of your own. Draw on cardboard,

2. Decide what theme that you want or else what you want to teach your children.

3. Draw your ideas in pencil. Then color them.

4. Now make PICK STICKS. Choose between 3 and 6 craft sticks. Write in or color one end.

5. Put them in a small container or jar that hides one end.

6. Now find some objects around the house to be "movers". Or you can make them.

pick sticks

game piece

Discuss ways that you might make homework more fun by making a game out of it. Or maybe you want to teach your children the alphabet. How could you make a game out of it.

Games playing
Children between 2 and 4 years old just like to move. the pieces around the board.
Children between 4 and 5 like to play the game but they may or may not follow the rules. That is a natural stage.
After age 6 or so, they like to follow rules. At first they are not happy when the rule puts them at a disadvantage.
Around age 7 and 8, kids have problems playing with little kids who don't follow rules.

Think about winning and losing. Are they ways to let everybody win? How do you feel and react when you play games?

Pick Sticks Game Materials List

Too many pick sticks confuse the game; 3 to 6 are fine with 4 being optimal. Try to encourage parents to put words on the game board for literacy encouragement.

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