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Puppet Theatre Pretend with the puppets for language and social development

Directions for the theatre:
1. Unroll the bolt of fabric but do not unfold it.
2. Measure 44 inches of fabric and cut it.
3. Draw a line across the fabric 9 inches from the top selvage with crayon or chalk. Draw another line two inches above the folded edge.
4. Sew a seam with the sewing machine along the line that is 2 inches above the fold. It will make a pocket in the middle of the fabric.
5. Open the material. Fold the top selvage over to the line that is 9 inches from it. Pin the material.
6. Sew a seam about 1/2 inch from the line. It will make a top pocket.
7. Cut out a window in the center of the top part of the fabric that is 27 x 16 inches.
8. Saw a piece of lath board that is 42 inches long. Insert it in the pocket below the window.
9. Drill two 1/4 inch holes in each end of the 1 x 2 board.
10. Insert the 1 x 2 in the top pocket.
11. Thread through a piece of yarn or cord about 7 feet long. Tie in the holes. Sign and date the theatre in the comer.

Directions for the puppets:
1. Look over all the fabric, buttons and decorations that you have to choose from.
2. Design your puppets on paper.
3. Choose a sock and begin with the sewing first. Sew as many pieces as you can especially if you have children under 2 years old.
4. Glue the other items in place last.

What stories could you tell with the puppets?
What stories could your child act out with them?
What experiences could you act out with the puppets?
What experiences could your child pretend?
How could the child act out his or her feeling or ideas in WORDS?
How can you use the stories to ask your child about his or her feelings?
How can you teach honesty, responsibility or other values?

Making your puppets look general ... like your child, a character, family...

Write in the boxes stories and story ideas that you can make puppet plays from.
*Three Little Pigs
*A Snowy Day
*Family history
*Recent experience
*Scared, angry, etc.
*Situations and role play

Puppet Theatre Materials List

The puppet theatre can be set up across 2 chairs or hung from something.

Other Puppets:
Cut out a picture and mount it on cardboard. Attach a stick to the back. This is a simple puppet for young kids and also allows one to make puppets from things-- like boats, trees or shoes-- or people you can't make with sock-- like Michael Jordan or Dr. Martin Luther King.

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