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Literacy and the Writing Center " I can communicate __________in words and _________on paper"

The earlier you encourage drawing/writing, the earlier you will see these stages. 1. As early as 18 months (with your supervision) your child can make MARKS on paper. "You made a Picture!"

2. Scribble Stage
diagonal scribbles
circle scribbles

Comments that help... and encourage the stage they are in, not the one to come: DEAL WITH WHAT YOU SEE

3. Stages of HOLDING a "pencil" or something to write with
fist pointed fingers prehensile grasp

4. Design Stage You will see your child copy the SHAPES around them, including letters and numbers.
Shapes stand alone as pictures
Shapes combine into pictures

This is a good time to ask if you can sign his/her name to the picture.

5. Scribble writing What does a child know about writing?

6. Representational or Recognizable Art
first by ACCIDENT
she draws and then says, "Oh, I made a ducky"
then by intention
"I'm drawing a face... car, house, dog..."
The PROBLEMS of Modeled Art

7. The stages of people drawing

including a normal stage when children add sexual detail

8. Stages of writing
Scribble writing
"My Name"
Letters and numbers without names
Letters and numbers copied and recognized
Phonetic writing stages
1st letter
    phonetic without vowels
    transitional writing

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Make It books
file folder for saving art work
crayons colored pencils markers paint box
rubbings ruler glue chalk
doodle designs stencils scissors resist pic.
newspaper colorwheel cut up books colorwheel
scratch pic. hand/body pic. 1/2 pictures chalk pic.
Project each month: (plans follow)

Writing Bin Materials List

Writing Bin is a plastic dish pan LABELED and decorated with permanent marker (so it isn't used for dishes)

Each item that the program supplies is for encouraging writing, hand skills, and cognitive outcomes. You may decide to give one item each month or bundle them. Use the above list as idea starters. Parents might already have them to add to their bin.

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