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The Waiting Kit A bag of activities to keep you and your child busy when you have to wait!
Directions for the bag:
1. Cut two pieces of material about 12 x 15 inches.
2. Decorate the front of one piece. Markers bleed through the material so put paper under your work.
3. Put the right sides of the material together, your design on the inside of the bag.
4. Sew a seam around three sides.
5, Turn your bag inside out. Sew the top seam under If you want. If you want to make a closure for your bag, sew on a button to the flap. Sew on some cord to wrap around it.
6. Fill it with activities appropriate for your child.
7. Sign your bag on the back side and date it.

Think about things that can fit in the waiting kit? What kinds of things will keep kids (of different ages) busy?
Book Pencil Paper Paper books Stencils (2)
Toys Colored pencils (4) Markers Animals (4)
Write down some toys that you want to put in.

Questions to think about
1. If you have a waiting kit with you the next time you have to wait, how do you think your children will react?

2. How will children of different ages use it?

3. Brainstorm a list of things from your house that you can add later. Changing the things in the waiting kit keeps the kids interested.

4. A snack is a good thing to put in the bag. What small sized snacks can you think of?

4. What will happen if you let your children play with the waiting kit even when they are not waiting?

5. When your children are busy in a good way, how does it make you feel? How do you react?

Waiting Kit Materials List

The program may or may not supply the keep busy things.

In processing, if you can draw out the realization that busy, occupied and interested kids are happy ... without telling them ... you are WAY ahead. And that makes parents happier too.

For parents and kids who wait a lot! parents can keep up interest by changing the book and activities periodically.

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