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Tapping into Ohiolit: the OLRC Mailing List

February 1996

Welcome to Ohiolit, the OLRC Internet mailing list developed and monitored by the Ohio Literacy Resource Center! The purpose of the listserv is 1) to provide a means for Ohio adult literacy teachers and administrators to electronically discuss a wide variety of literacy issues and concerns, and 2) to share information of broad interest. Topics will be determined primarily by individual members of the list, but OLRC and ODE staff will also identify topics for discussion.

General Information About Listservs
For those who rely on e-mail communication, it is important to note that there are key differences in e-mail and list services. Instead of messages to one or a small group of individuals, items posted in response to a topic on the listserv will be read by all members. Hence, responses to listserv items intended for a specific individual instead of all members should not be "posted" on the listserv, where all would see. Regular e-mail to the individual recipient should be used to communicate a response to an individual.

This list is *not* for commercial use and should never be used to promote commercial advertis-ing or other profit-motivated items. This list is a moderated list. This means all posts will go to a moderator at the OLRC and then be forwarded to the list. This helps in sorting out advertisements and other mail that does not belong on the list, as well as regulate the flow of mail. This can be important if a list begins to get very active, as some users have e-mail accounts that cannot handle large volumes of mail or have to pay a service charge if the number of messages on a given day exceeds a preset limit. This is not meant to be a means of deciding what or who belongs on the list.

Subscription Information

Send a message to:
In the message say: subscribe ohiolit firstname lastname. If all goes well, you will receive a welcome message including an introduction to the listserv and its functions.

How to Post

Send messages to:
If you post a message and it does not appear on the list within two or three days, please contact the OLRC (800-765-2897), as there is likely a technical problem or delivery error. Please send for, read, and save the entire help document. It contains information on how to use the list, how to unsubscribe, and general information on the operation of this list and listprocessor software.

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