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Educational Internet Sites for the ABLE Classroom

The following URLs were selected by adult literacy instructors across Ohio and Minnesota because they felt the sites were excellent educational and/or informational tools. As of October 1998 these sites were available on the World Wide Web. If you find any errors in the URLs, or if you would like to add some sites to our list, please contact the Ohio Literacy Resource Center at 1-800-765-2897. You may also e-mail us at:


K-12 Teachers' Place-The following sites are a collection of great math ideas and exercises for students as well as teachers.

"Magic Squares" -

"Suzanne's Math Lessons" -

"Math Forum Teachers' Place " -

"Adult Numeracy: Resources for Teachers" -

"Math Forum Student Center" -

"Ask Dr. Math " -

Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing-"Our goal is to ensure that K-12 students in Georgia receive the best possible preparation in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology as they seek their place in the modern world."

Mathline on PBS-This is part of the PBS Homepage

PBS Teacher Source-A guide to science and math programs on PBS and it has links to other science and math web sites

Social Studies

The White House-This is a fun and easy way to learn about the White House.

CapWeb-A guide to the U.S. Congress-This site gives access to the Senate, House of Representatives, Library of Congress, and related information.

National Civil War Association-This site lists resources on the internet concerning the Civil War.

Vote Smart Web-This site contains information about all the candidates running for office and their views on more than a dozen important issues. An excellent resource for voters.

Reading and Writing

The Purdue University On-Line/Writing Lab-This site offers information on just about any topic concerning English and writing skills.

On Line English/Grammar-This site has information and some exercises on just about any part of the English language that can be imagined. Very good resource for grammar questions.

Life Skills

America's Job Bank-Students can search for jobs that are available anywhere in the U.S.

Job Options-This site offers information on interviewing, including tips, an interview research checklist, personality assessments, interviewing strategies, and an interview question quiz.

Make a Career in Literacy - How to Take Action and Give the Power of Reading & Writing


Galileo Mission to Jupiter-This site can be a bit technical, but is still a good resource.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory-This site contains several activities and lesson plans for students and teachers.

Welcome to the Planets-NASA/JPL/Planetary Data System-This site takes a while to load, but it is worth the wait. Numerous pictures and information about the planets, smaller bodies in space, and space exploration vehicles.

Everest Quest: Through the Icefall-This site includes the scientific background, history, and culture of this area of Asia. Plus, maps are available as well as e-mail addresses of some of the climbers of Everest.

The Discovery Channel on Line-This is a good place for learners to explore a wide variety of topics that have appeared on the Discovery Channel. Very accessible.

Discover Magazine-This site offers an Archive Library with classic magazine articles that would be of interest to students.

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative-An excellent place to begin your exploration of sites by subject area.

English as a Second Language

Teaching English as a Second Language Journal-This is a monthly web magazine with resources for teachers and learners.

Activities for ESL Students-This site contains access to other popular sites, to some ESL games, and grammar information.

Miscellaneous Web Sites

U.S. News and World Report-This is an Internet journal of the popular news magazine.

CNN- This site contains information about the Cable News Network. provides full coverage of the day's events, updates on breaking stories, and in-depth reports on the issues that shape our world.

CBS-This site contains information about the popular television network.

Pioneer Planet-This is the Internet version of the daily newspaper Pioneer Planet from the Twin Cities-Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

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