Recommended Trade Books for Adult Literacy Programs

Selecting the Books

Our discussions about the book focused on:

  • their strengths as pieces of literature. All of the books in this list are, in our opinions, high quality literature because of the texts, the illustrations, or the interaction between the two. We took adult perspectives in making these judgments; that it, we tried to answer the question, "Is this a high quality piece of literature for adults?"

  • their usefulness in adult literacy programs, including those for ESL learners, beginning readers and GED preparation programs. This list does not include books that we recommend only for use in family literacy programs (a separate OLRC publication does that), although many of the titles can be used in family literacy programs as well as other types of adult literacy programs.

  • the ways in which we might use the books. We generated many of the "Teaching Ideas" on the following pages, for example. We also talked about the ways books might supplement GED study and suggested some titles that could together create text sets.
  • Members of the Reading Group (Past and Present)

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