Three samples of dialogue codes


Sue: I am tired of working. I can�t wait until I am 65 and I can retire!

Tom: What will you do when you retire?

Sue: I will move back to my country where the weather is warm and beautiful, not cold like Chicago. I will save a lot of money and buy a nice house. It is cheaper to live there than in the United States.

Tom: I don�t want to retire. I like to go to work and see my friends and keep busy. I don�t want to stay home all day and watch TV. It is better to be at work. I will work until I am 100 years old!

Sue: Do you want to move back to Mexico?

Tom: No. My family is here now and I don�t want to leave. I like to see my children and grandchildren. We go on vacation to Mexico every year to visit my wife�s family. Do you visit Vietnam?

Sue: Yes I visit Vietnam, but not every year. It is too expensive to fly there.

Talking at Work

Tom: Where did you work before, Juan?

Juan: I worked on a farm in my country before I came to the United States. It was my father�s farm, and my brothers and sisters and I all worked on the farm to help him. I only went to school for three years because I had to work when I was young.

Tom: I worked on a farm too, in Vietnam. I liked the work because it was outside and I worked for myself. When I came to this country, it was hard to work in a factory, but I need the money. I want to go to school to learn more English but I have to work too many hours. Do you take English classes?

Juan: Yes. I have English classes at work. I learn a little bit, but it is difficult. I need to practice talking, but all my friends and family speak Spanish.

Tom: All my friends and family speak Vietnamese. Maybe you and I can practice speaking English at work.

Too Hot!

Chris: It�s really hot today, it�s about 97 degrees outside and it�s even hotter in here. These machines give off a lot of heat. What do you think the temperature is in the factory today?

Susan: I bet it�s almost 110 degrees in here! I�m drinking a lot of water and eating popsicles, but I sweat a lot and move slow when it�s very hot. It�s hard to work when I feel like this.

Chris: The boss says we can take extra breaks, and they brought in ice for us, that makes it a little better. I stand in front of the fan during my break. I don�t have air conditioning in my house, but it�s cooler than here.

Susan: I have air conditioning in my car and my apartment. I can�t wait to get home and cool off.

Chris: I can�t wait for winter. I don�t really like the snow, but I think the cold weather is better than this heat!