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Is there a Skeleton in the Reading Specialists closet

Should we assume family and adult literacy are the same? Readers say:

  1. I feel as if family literacy & adult literacy are twofold in nature, as adults are educated the whole family can participate in this process.

  2. I agree that family literacy and adult literacy are two different things, and it is odd to assume they are the same. Although, I am new to the reading and literacy field, I would think that more of an emphasis would be placed on adult literacy before family literacy. It is the adult who sets examples and can encourage their children to read and set examples for children to follow. If more focus was placed on the adults, family literacy would then follow naturally.

  3. I do agree that family literacy does not mean the same thing as adult literacy. The individual adult's literacy could not necessarily be an indicator of the family literacy scenario. Reasons for each adult's literacy varies and may or may not be directly related to the family situation.

  4. Although they are equally as important, I do not believe that adult literacy and family literacy are one in the same. It is very interesting and troublesome to find out that the push to increase adult literacy has not stayed consistent over the years. I believe that the increase in adult literacy will have a positive impact on family literacy and vis versa. So it is unfortunate that the Honor Council Guidelines changed in 1994 and does not include a category for adult literacy.


  5. Family Literacy is not the same adult literacy. Adults need a broader base of reading skills and comprehension to function in the world.

  6. I am a family literacy specialist in an Even Start family literacy program. Although it is often most effective to offer family services when the adult who is seeking help with literacy has young children, not all adults are parents and even some parents only want and/or need services for themselves. Adult literacy and family literacy are not synonymous. Adult literacy programs, as well as family literacy programs, need funding and support. dlifka@aol.com

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