Suggested Sites:

(Community Learning Network) Http:// This site shows how a community combines adult literacy and lifelong learning. Their goal is to have a reciprocal improvement in learning and community.

Requested Sites:

Request #1: Please help me find information directly related associated with adult literacy and socioeconomics.

Sites: You have two clear key words: adult literacy and socioeconomics. Try varying these terms on and and You get very different references if you combine terms differently :adult literacy and learning and socioeconomic status, adult socioeconomic status. ERICacve provided fewer (8-11 sites) but more to relevant, ericir.syr more (25) sites; Yahoo provided the most diverse (400-500 sites). Consider varying and adding other terms: research, adult basic education workplace, etc.

Request #2: I am still learning which sites are best for Virginia Adult Literacy. As the new director of the literacy program in our area, I am, of course, very interested in funding resources.

Request #3: Do you have any suggestions for where to find lesson plans for an adult education class about medical terms? I have been teaching children and am having trouble locating adult resources. Thanks! Chris

Possible Sites: See and

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