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Some questions ABE or GED students or their tutors can ask of students' writing

  1. Did you (student) say what you wanted to say with this paper?
  2. Does the paper have a main focus on a topic or theme throughout?
  3. Did you give supporting details for the main points in the paper?
  4. Is the paper organized into paragraphs?
  5. Does each paragraph have its own main idea?
  6. Does the writing make sense to other readers?
  7. Do the other readers have any questions?
  8. Am I writing to a particular audience?
  9. Did I correctly use grammar and punctuation throughout the paper?
  10. Is the spelling correct?
  11. Is what I wanted to say made to seem important enough so that my readers will understand why I wanted to say this?

    These are just a few questions that students and tutors can consider when looking at students´┐Ż writing. These questions are geared for use with students who are preparing for the GED essay, not necessarily for other kinds of writing, although in many cases these questions would apply as well.

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