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Project IDEAL

Characteristics of Distance Teachers

1. Flexible - This is not a traditional teaching strategy. Teachers must be able to adapt to the technology, yet provide the support that our adult learners need at a distance.

2. Organized - With up to ten students and twenty hours per week, a teacher must be able to maximize the time spent with the student, whether the time is spent on-line or over the telephone.

3. Comfortable with the technology - A teacher may end up as a troubleshooter when the technology doesn't work the way it should. Most likely the learner will not be experienced with this equipment, so the teacher must be able to walk the student through technology problems, unless there is a technology support person at the learner's end.

4. Committed to the purpose of the pilot - Teachers must be willing to support the project whole heartedly and be committed to the process of distance learning.

5. Willing to try - Teachers will be uncomfortable at first that they are unable to see and meet with students regularly. The temptation will be to get together, but the definition of distance is that learner and teacher are separated and no more than 50% of learning occurs in the presence of the teacher. Virtual teachers will probably spend even less time with the learners.

6. Available for training - Teachers must be available for training and ready to start the pilot in January.

7. Work Collaboratively -There are many partners in this process and a teacher must be aware of the needs of the different stakeholders.

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