Ohio EFF

Activity 3: Veteran EFF Panel
Title of Activity 3: Veteran EFF Panel
Time: 45 m Who:

Purpose: Veteran programs will share their experiences of incorporating EFF into their classrooms and programs.

Objectives: To answer questions submitted by the audience about implementing EFF in the classroom and programs.

Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators

Format: Panel and facilitator

Materials: None needed, unless panelists want to provide handouts.

Key Discoveries: The four programs represented had four different approaches and were successful with the implementation process. There is more than one way to begin and then continue.

Facilitation Notes: On an electronic list, participants were asked to send their questions prior to the meeting. These questions were faxed to panel members to allow them time to think about their answers. Note cards were made previous to meeting with one question per card and then given out randomly to participants.

Activity Description:

    Step 1: Introduce panel members and have them give an overview of their program demographics.

    Step 2: Facilitator called on members of the audience to ask a question. Panel members were given an opportunity to answer and take follow-up questions, if any. This format continued until questions were exhausted.

Segue: Thank the group and draw on their expertise to spotlight several principles of giving more planning time (director perspective) and taking time to learn and develop knowledge of EFF (teacher perspective).


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