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Activity 4: A Closer Look at the Standards
Title Activity 4: A Closer Look at the Standards
Time: 15 m Who:

Purpose: By providing information on the status of the revised Ohio documentation logs and their correlation to EFF, ABLE personnel will become aware of the current phase of development.

Objectives: To give a brief history of the standards (documentation logs) project.

Target Audience: ABLE Directors and Teachers

Format: Overhead Presentation with Question and Answers


  • "A Closer Look at Standards" handout and overhead
  • "Benchmark Breakdown" handout and overhead
  • "Standards Framework" handout and overhead
  • "Read With Understanding" handout and overhead
Key Discoveries: The importance of keeping the field updated with the work underway by the 3 focus groups of Read With Understanding, Convey Ideas in Writing, and Use Math to Solve Problems and Communicate.

Facilitation Notes: Remind participants that these logs are only in the draft stage and will not be ready for use until July 2003. They are not to be shared as completed documents, but only as where the focus groups are at this particular moment.

Activity Description:
Step 1: Talk through the analogy of standards and maps, explaining each category - standard, components of performance, benchmarks, instructional strategies, and sample activities. Show the page "Benchmark Breakdown" as an example of the manual.

Step 2: Using the standard Read With Understanding as an example, highlight each category with an example of the current document. Provide draft copies of the Reading standard and talk through the NRS levels.

Step 3: Seek out volunteers to serve on the next round of task forces - validation and instructional methods.

Segue: This discussion will lead into the next session on how to move into using EFF in classrooms and programs.


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