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Activity 5: Making the Move to EFF
Title of Activity 5: Making the Move to EFF
Time: 20 m Purpose: To present various insights into how to build EFF into ABLE programs existing components. Objectives: To provide ideas and resources for implementation of EFF.

Target Audience: Administrators, but also appropriate for teachers

Format: Large group discussion


Key Discoveries: The body of this information is given in response to participants' questions and issues from the previous Orientation session evaluation forms

Facilitation Notes: Remind folks that we (RCN and ODE) are listening and trying to meet their needs and that everyone continue to be open and communicate their needs or questions as they arise.

Activity Description:
Step 1: Talk through each suggestion on puzzle handout, asking for questions and further discussion among administrators.

Step 2: Some summertime research could be around the issues of assessment (show overhead) in preparation for standards release this next year.

Step 3: Remain learner-centered in their approach as the focus of their practice - after all this is our ultimate goal as adult education programs. Handout on Five Keys will provide inspiration when burdened with changes mandated in our current system.

Segue: Stress communication among all stakeholders as move into evaluation segment of training.


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