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Activity 6: Take a Minute to Evaluate
Title of Activity 6: Take a Minute to Evaluate
Time: 10 m

Purpose: An opportunity for participants to reflect and evaluate on their knowledge gained this far in the learning process and provide input for facilitators as they create the next level of professional development and support.

Objectives: To determine needs and goals of participants.

Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators

Format: Individual evaluation


Key Discoveries: This type of evaluation is an excellent example of the constructivist approach to adult learning. Use this tool as an explanation of constructivism and also review the times when the presentation today was purposeful and contextual. Solicit audience answers, using this as a time for clarification of concepts.

Facilitation Notes: Make sure everyone is aware of this evaluation form early in the session so participants can write down learning and questions during the day as they are generated.

Activity Description:
Step 1: Allow time for participants to reflect on the day. Ask for their honest feedback as we continue to improve our facilitation and the information needed for their learning.

Segue: Also provide state evaluation form and thank audience for their participation and encourage further contact when questions arise.


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