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bullet Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice
The Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, a continuation of Berkeley Women's Law Journal, was founded in 1984 by a group of Boalt Hall students who came together with a vision of "preserving our voices of diversity and maintaining our commitment to social change within the often-stifling confines of a law school environment."

bullet Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
The Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary publication devoted to a discussion of gender, sexuality, race, and class in the context of law and public policy. Our mission is to foster debate, to publish work largely overlooked by other law reviews, and to encourage scholarship outside the bounds of conventional law school curricula. In doing so, we take an expansive view of law, engaging other disciplines including literature, sociology, anthropology, psychology, politics, and critical theory. Our goal is not only to explore what the law was and is, but what it could and should be.

bullet Harvard Journal of Law & Gender

bullet Impact: Serving Women with Developmental Disabilities: Strategies for the Justice System

bullet Legal Momentum

bullet The National Partnership for Women & Families
The National Partnership for Women & Families promotes workplace fairness, quality health care, policies that help women and men meet work and family responsibilities

bullet Social Security for Women

bullet Violet: Law & Abused Women
In this site you will find legal information that may help you if you are experiencing violence in an intimate relationship

bullet Women's Law Journal
Since 1989, the Hastings Women's Law Journal has provided a forum for voices outside the traditional scope of legal academic scholarship. We offer and maintain an inclusive space for feminism, race theory, multi-culturalism, animal rights, disability rights, language rights, international human rights, criminal defendants' rights and prisoners' rights, among others. HWLJ takes the road less travelled in regard to the law. This perspective embraces difference and celebrates diversity. The journal is committed to advancing feminist perspectives and promoting scholarship in issues of concern common to all women, while recognizing the unique concerns of communities that traditionally have been denied a voice, such as women of under-represented populations.

bullet Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
The Yale Journal of Law and Feminism is committed to publishing pieces about women's experiences, especially as they have been structured, affected, controlled, discussed, or ignored by the law. These experiences include the particular experiences of women of color and of lesbians. We encourage submissions of articles, essays, and reviews on any subject bearing upon the intersection of law and feminism. We have organized the Journal to reflect our feminist values: we make major decisions collectively, by modified consensus. We encourage one another to speak at meetings and strive to ensure that all members feel comfortable participating.

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