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bullet How Welfare Reform Worked

bullet Welfare Reform & Women's Health

bullet Welfare reform and women, five years later
When President Clinton signed the 1996 bill ending "welfare as we know it," many Americans saw the revamped system as a way to motivate people to self-sufficiency. Others feared the bold policy would put millions of poor women and children out on the streets.
The reality of welfare reform, it appears, lies somewhere between these extremes.

bullet Welfare Warriors
The Welfare Warriors are mothers and children in poverty who have joined together to make our voices heard in all policies affecting families in poverty, the larger community, and the Earth... We work to create a voice for mothers in poverty through our own organizations and media. Through street activism, advocacy, and our newspaper, the Mother Warriors Voice, we fight for the creation of a federal program to guarantee that all children have support to the age of 18. We educate and agitate until all communities recognize that Motherwork IS Work and must be paid and prioritized by the community and in the workplace. We actively protest the devastation being caused by cruel "welfare reform."

bullet Welfare & Women's Poverty
The Mothers Movement Online was founded in April 2003 as an open source for information about social, cultural, economic and political issues that affect the wellbeing of mothers. Our purpose is to serve as a clearinghouse for reporting and resources that support social change. Our intention is to promote economic and social justice for mothers and others who do the caring work of our society

bullet Women Economic Agenda Project
The Women's Economic Agenda Project (WEAP) demands economic justice for poor women and their families. WEAP envisions a world in which all women and their families have the skills, shelter, and nourishment they need to enjoy happy, healthy, and productive lives.

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