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bullet Colorado Dept. of Education State Literacy Resource Center
Welcome to the CDE Adult Education and Family Literacy page. CDE's Center for At-Risk Education (CARE) administers both state and federal programs that provide educational opportunities to Colorado adults and their families: Colorado GED Testing, Colorado Even Start, Colorado Migrant Education Even Start (MEES), and the federally-funded state-administered Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) program.

bullet Feminist Majority Foundation: Empowering Women in Business
The Glass Ceiling: How women are blocked from getting to the top.

bullet Mothers & More
This website connects mothers to each other in order to provide support for those balancing work and family life.

bullet Non-Traditional Careers for Women: Opportunities and Benefits for Women in Male-Dominated Professions
The guide compares traditional and non-traditional careers for women, and looks at different ways to break into male-dominated fields. It includes a fantastic section for women interested in STEM careers, with information about how to get more involved, the most popular careers, and the opportunities and projected growth within the field. There are also further sections focused on blue collar jobs and military careers for women, showcasing other potential non-traditional fields.

bullet No Place for a Woman

bullet "A Price Above Rubies?" Wage Gaps Continue, Their Trends Suggesting Platitudes, Stereotypes and the Undervaluing of Women
The Director of the Center for Gender Studies and Chair of Psychology, Dr. Hilary Lips, maintains an on-going examination of currently available wage gap data, including her own analyses of possible trends, ethnic, occupational and social-psychological factors as well as selective reviews of addtitional research findings.

bullet Round Table for Women's Issues
-Concerns itself with questions and issues that have special relevance for women in the library profession and in user community. Ids discrimination in all forms, disparities in resources, and programmes.

bullet U.S. Dept. of Labor, Women's Bureau

bullet Women, Work, and Literacy. ERIC Digest No. 92.

bullet Women in the Workforce

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