1999 GTE Minigrants

A bit about navigating this site.

Each of the projects has a main page that tells a bit about the project and the population for whom it was created. Just click on the black pointer beside any of the project names to the left to access the project main page. On the main page a link to the project is provided which may take the user outside of this web site onto another.

If you see this icon next to a link, be aware that you will have to use the "BACK" button on your brower to get back to our GTE site, otherwise use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of each page.

The icons at the bottom of this page starting from left to right represent this GTE Minigrants site, the OLRC, and TheNational Institute for Literacy. We hope you enjoy these projects. If you have questions or comments please contact the site producers directly via email or contact the OLRC at olrc@literacy.kent.edu

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