Roseville Adult High School

Module 2: "Who Am I?"

Introduction to Career Counselors: In this module, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the learner to help him or her further develop their knowledge of self and how this fits with the world of work. At the Roseville Adult High School, the MBTI and a proprietary values assessment are utilized. Use of the CD-ROM version of O�Net, the Minnesota Career Information System, and ACT Discover also help students refine career choices and identify options for training programs and available scholarships.

The counselor will administer and provide an interpretation of the MBTI. Approximately 1 hour will be allowed for assessment administration with a follow-up appointment of 30 minutes to explain and review the results. Students are challenged to gather data about jobs of interest and then compare job expectations with what the student has learned about his or her own personality preference. The MCIS, Discover and O�Net programs help the students to learn about jobs, aptitude and skills expectations, and job markets. Application of the Self-Directed-Search or other RIASEC-based assessment, along with the values assessment and the MBTI provide students with information they need to make both long- and short-term decisions about their future

After completion and review of these resources, students are then returned to the computer to complete the remaining modules of this course.

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