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Module 2: Who Am I? Part II

Introduction: You have discovered a bit about your values in Module 1. This is a good start in learning about yourself and how "who you are" will fit into various career paths. Along with values, it is also important to know your personality. In this module you will be working face-to-face with your own career counselor to find out what your own personality style is.

Objectives: To discover some information about your personality by meeting with your career counselor and taking an assessment.

Activities: Print out this page.

Using your printed worksheets as a guide, complete the following steps.

    1. Make an appointment with your career counselor to take a personality test. The test is called the Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory (MBTI). This test will give you ideas about your personality.

    2. Meet with your career counselor to take the MBTI and discuss the results.

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