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Module 8: Goal-Setting

Introduction: Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future of the world belongs to those who belief in the beauty of their dreams". To achieve our dreams, we need goals. Every task requires a goal. Whether it be running a race or looking for a job, goals remind us of what we are working toward. They also help us measure how close we are to getting there!

Objectives: In this lesson you will:

Activities: Print out this page.

Using your printed worksheets as a guide, complete the following steps.

Now that you have discovered some things about yourself and a variety of occupations, the time has come for you to set some career objectives.

Why form career objectives?

Please read these statements again. They are the key in understanding the importance of having career objectives.

Goal Setting includes the following 5 characteristics:

Example of a goal: In 1 year, I will attain a job at a Minneapolis retail company making at least $9.00/hr.

Strategies to Achieve My Goal

Informational Interviews are a helpful tool in finding out what jobs you may enjoy.

For information on conducting Informational Interviews, go to:

1. List three reasons to conduct informational interviews

2. What steps do you take in the informational interview process?

3. Name five possible information interview questions:

Print out the Informational Interview page to keep for later use.

It is not necessary to put off your career search until a specific period of time (ex: graduation).
Knowing the above information, what is one thing you can do today to help move you toward your goal?

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