January 1998
Adult Resource Center News

Happy New Year
The staff at CORC wish everyone a happy new year and hope that it is one filled with success and happiness.

Holiday Traditions
The following are different holiday traditions and recipes which the Resource Center students contributed.

A recipe for Taco Salad consists of :

Take and brown the 1 lb. hamburger meat, drain all the hamburger grease. Add the taco sauce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce. Mix well and add the doritoes chips or regular chips Then serve.

Gum Drop Cookies

Cream shortening and sugars, add eggs, oats, coconut, flour, baking powder, and gumdrops that have been sightly floured.

Make into balls the size of a walnut, press flat with fork that has been dipped in milk, bake 350 degrees for about 12 minutes. Makes 5 dozen

"When I was six years old. I asked my father if he would get me a Susy Doll. He had told me that dolls cost to much, and that he would not get the doll for me. I was so upset. When it came to be Christmas I had to open my presents last. When I opened the box there was another box inside a big box inside of that one, and another box inside of that one, all together there were three boxes inside of each other. I then saw the pink box, I opened it, and there was my Susy doll all in pink."

"I have a tradition in my family that my mother started ever since all four of her girls moved out of her house, and had their own families."

"My three sisters and I all go to Moms house on Christmas Eve with our children and who ever else who wants to go would show up and we all exchange gifts we bought or made for each other. We all make an appetizer and we all eat and go home after hours of talking."

A Journal Story of a Father and his Son working On a model Harley Davidson motorcycle

Thanks to all of you who contributed to our newsletter.

GED News

The following people have taken their GED test and passed it since the May 1997 Newsletter: Our congratulations go out to each of you!!

The following people are scheduled to take the GED test in January, or have taken the test but have not received their results yet:

We wish you the best of luck. We know that each of you can do it...

Please remember that essay writing workshop is held each Tuesday, from 9:00-10:30 am. Betty Darr conducts the workshop and anyone interested in improving or practicing writing skills is invited to attend.

Workplace Basics

The CORC Resource Center has a workplace basics program similar to what students currently use to brush up on math, reading, and language skills.

Anyone interested in working on this program is encouraged to ask for assistance from a staff person.

Those who take the GED test will begin to work on this while waiting for their GED test results to be received.

Getting the Bugs Out!!!

Thanks to all of the students who have been so patient and alert with the new binders and tests in the Resource Center. For all of you that have pointed out errors, please keep up the good work.

Like any new program, this one has bugs in it too, but each of you have been an enormous help in removing those bugs and having an accurate, up to date curriculum for all Resource Center people to use.


I'd like to take a moment to welcome Doug Owens to the Coshocton County Job & Family Services/ABLE office and to the Resource Center. Doug has been with CORC since Oct. 16, 1997 and will be a valuable addition to our office and to the Resource Center.

Welcome Doug!!


A special thanks to Linda Slocum for helping out with the typing for the newsletter. Linda typed all of the student holiday contributions.

Thanks for your help Linda!

Simply For Us...

Often times, we are our own worst critics. Everyone who is using the CORC Resource Center has a goal which he or she has set which is important, and with all of the hard work that each of you are doing, please take time to pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit for all of the efforts you are making to meet your goal.

The following are some tips taken from a local school newsletter to remind each of us of how special we are!!!

      You are your own person, and you are not like anyone in the world. You can't always be the greatest at everything; nobody can. There are things that you are good at, maybe even better than most people. You only have to believe in yourself, and do the best you can.

      Respecting yourself means liking yourself and understanding that you are an important person. It's the first step toward getting others to like and respect you, too. It's also the first step toward success in life.

      What you do with your life is up to you, even though it may not always seem that way. Your family and friends may often be there to advise you, but there are times when you have to make decisions by yourself.

      If you find that something really interests you, but you're not very good at it, DON'T GIVE UP! Keep on trying.. There will always be things in life that you will have to work at. Just try to get a little better each time you try. You usually feel better about things that you have to work harder at

  • FACE IT.
      Don't run away from challenges, face them straight ahead. A positive attitude helps a lot and can go a long way. Try to do a little more or a little better than you think you can. When you believe in yourself, nothing seems quite as difficult as when you don't believe.
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