Betty Darr is a volunteer who works with our ABLE students who are pursuing their GED or who want help improving basic writing skills. Betty conducts an essay writing workshop one day a week and works with any students who are interested in attending.

 Betty has used several informal methods when working with students; recently, however, she developed an individual education plan (IEP) which she uses with each student. She starts by having students fill out a pre-writing questionnaire(which we took from the internet http://literacy.kent.edu/Oasis/Pubs/0300-12.htm plus added a few questions of our own).

She uses this information to develop individual assignments which cover spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, recognized pauses, phrases, and sentences, and finally, sentence order, paragraphing, and eventually, essay writing.

The lessons that follow were developed for individual students, and we hope that you will find them useful in your classroom or resource center.

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