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Bean Bags A tossing project to let kids throw safely

1. Cut rectangles of fabric 5 x 9 inches (small) and 8 x 16 inches (large)
2. Fold in half.
3. Sew two sides closed.
4. Turn the bag inside out.
5. Fill bags with aquarium rocks in the pocket you made.
6. Stitch the seam closed by hand or machine.

Brainstorm some Targets:
Drop into or throw to a target.





Same size, different weights, keep the same bulk with packing peanuts
Gradation in size and/or weight
Various colors of cloth, various shapes
Light weight bags with packing peanuts for young children
Textural covers for the bags
Matching weights, pairs of bean bags

Behavior encouragement: (not behavior management)
1. Children will want to use the game; they can ask permission or get it from its place. THEN they are also responsible for putting it back. Have a container to hold the bags.

2. Let a child have it until he/she is finished because that encourages attention span and empathy for another child who is waiting. When there is more than one child, here are some strategies for sharing. Use the clock! Give the child at least 15 minutes to develop attention span.

3. When the bean bags are misused, let the kids try again in an hour or a day. State the rules and don't be wishy-washy about enforcing it. They will learn and you will see eventually that the game is used often and constructively!

Developmental steps in throwing and catching


Bean Bag Materials List

You can make a template or pattern for the beanbags, especially if you make special shapes. The variations are great for older children; they might even make a set themselves.

You can share this list with the parents or use the brainstorming technique to draw out these ideas.

More Games:
Tic Tac Toe
Target board with colors, letters, shapes, numerals, etc.
Boards for baseball (make a diamond with areas for out, single, double, etc)
Bowling with liter bottles
Targets of cans, boxes, openings, baskets, hoops, rings, etc.
Foosball (hacky- sack)
Use with balance board; walk with it on your head, shoulder, elbow, etc. Throw just like you feel: throw as if you were angry, happy, sleepy, anxious, etc
Throw on things that make noise like a pot or pan


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