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Marionette Puppet Make up plays, songs and games for your puppet

1. Decorate the head with permanent marker and/or fabric paint. Glue on yarn for the hair or the mane. Let it dry completely.
Animal Marionette
Person Marionette
control bars

side view with control bars shortened

front view
control bars

front view
2. Cut:
Quantity Wood Length
1 1/40 dowel 2" long holds on the head
2 1/2" dowel 12" long control bars
4 1/2" dowel 4 1/4" long arms and legs
1 1/2"dowel 5" long the body
3. Sand all the wood smooth.
4. Clamp down the dowels for the control bars. Drill 3 holes with a 1/8" drill bit, in each end and the middle.
5. Clamp down the dowels for the arms and legs. Drill a hole through each end.
6. Drill 4 holes to hold the arms and legs in the 1x2, one in each comer. Drill all the way through. For the animal puppet, drill an extra hole in the tail.
7. Drill a hole for the 1/4" dowel to hold the head. For the person, drill into the 1x2 on the small side. For the animal, drill In the 1x2 on the large face.

8. Person: Cut 1 piece of yarn 16" long. Cut 2 strings 20" long and 2 strings 30" long.
Animal: Cut 2 yams 18" long. Cut 4 strings 22" long.
9. Tie the legs and arms to the body with short strings.
10. Tie the strings to the control bars and to the end of the arms and legs. Adjust the strings to be as even as possible.
11. Glue the small 1/4" dowel AND the yam into the hole in the body. String the yarn through the head. Put the head onto the dowel. Tie the string to the control bar. Animal: String the other piece of yam from the 1 x2 tall to the other control bar.
You can decorate or dress your marionette. Use felt to make clothes. Use markers to draw on the wood.

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