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Ring Toss
A peg game for infants and toddlers. A toss game for preschoolers and elementary aged children.

    1. Cut 1x8 board, 9" long
    2. Cut 3 dowels, 4" long
    3. Sand all wood smooth
    4. Drill 3 holes (3/8' diameter) in the 1x8
    5. Glue in dowels



The Game Teaches:
Ring Toss
Ring Drop
Older children develop skills Younger children stand close for success
Game for one, like darts A Game for a Group, your turn, my turn lesson
Develops wrist movement Eye coordination

Equipment Needed for Ring Toss

Special Instructions
Clamp down (2) 1x2 boards and put dowel between to saw, this adds stability for sawing.

When the parent is drilling, have them slow down when they near punching through the board. If they keep up a strong pressure the wood will splinter a bit more. Another way to avoid this is to drill through the board with another board underneath. Then the holes won't splinter. A piece of hard particle board makes a nice drilling surface.

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