Recommended Trade Books for Adult Literacy Programs

Weather Teaching Ideas

  • Ask students to select books about a topic that represent different genres (e.g., fiction and nonfiction, nonfiction and poetry). Ask them to skim through the books to make initial comparisons. (Note: This will be a good time to teach how to skim, if needed.). Then ask them to read two of the books to add depth to the comparison. A chart or Venn diagram can be used to record results.
  • Do a K-W-L chart about hurricanes. Then provide copies of books about hurricanes. Ask individuals to read them and make notes about new information. You may want to locate and read online resources as well. Conclude by completing the "L" of the chart.
  • Provide copies of illustrated books about winter. Ask students to inspect illustrations and discuss what they add to the text. You may want to invite comparison of paintings and photographs.
  • Do a copy change of Rylant's In November. For Levels 1-4, you may want to do this as a group. You can take dictation from learners. For Levels 5 and 6, ask individuals or pairs of learners to select another month for focus.

    Weather Matrix

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