Using Technology in Your Leadership Role

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are used the same way the plus and minus signs are used. The AND Boolean operator is similar to the plus sign and the NOT Boolean operator is similar to the minus sign. The OR Boolean operator tells the search engine to retrieve one term or the other. The Near phrase indicates to the search tools that those terms must be located within a certain number of words. The results may vary depending on the search tool.

Currently, AOL Search, Alta Vista, Lycos, and Webcrawler support this feature. Read the specific search tool tips for more detail information.

Nesting Nesting allows the user to perform multiple tasks and build a complex search. The parentheses are used to group the key words and Boolean operators together. This is an excellent technique for complex searching.
Pipe Symbol The Pipe (|)symbol, located on most keyboards on the right-hand side between the delete and return key will assist with narrowing down results within a broad category.

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