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Career Awareness Toolkit

The Instruction Team focused on building career awareness in their classrooms by designing lessons that align with the Basic Certificate (EFL 4). In addition to working towards their ABLE goal, students will be able to plan for their transition into postsecondary options that will help meet their career goals. Click on the name of each lesson to download and use in your classroom. Resources for Orientation and Career Assessments can be found in the complete Toolkit.

Standards Lesson Name
Communication (Writing, Speaking and Listening)
W.4.3, W.4.10, W.4.11, W.4.19 Writing a Cover Letter
W.4.3, W.4.13, W.4.19 Interviewing
W.4.1, W.4.4, W.4.10, W.4.12 Writing a Well-Structured Paragraph
W.4.3, W.4.4, W.4.5, W.4.11, W.4.12, W.4.19 Writing an Essay Career Needs and Wants
M.4.2, M.4.3, M.4.25, M.4.28, M. 4.34, M.4.35 Preparing for Pre-Employment Math Testing
M.4.1, M.4.17, M.4.24 Interpreting Graphs More Education Means More Money
M.4.1, M.4.2, M.4.15, M 4.27, M.4.29 Using Known Mathematical Relationships
M.4.2, M.4.16, M.4.22, M.4.26, M.4.28, M.4.31 Using Graphs to Calculate Education Pays
R.4.11, R.4.16 Text Marking for Reading Comprehension
R.4.11, R.4.12, R.4.16 Teaching Cause and Effect Relationships
R.4.7, R.4.8 Vocabulary Building
R.4.8, R.4.11, R.4.12, R.4.16 Locating Information
R.4.1, R.4.11, R.4.12, R.4.15, R.4.16 Compare and Contrast Career Investigation

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