Ohio EFF

Equipped for the Future: Timeline 1994-2004

NIFL signs Memorandum of Agreement with the National Educational Goals Panel to Define Goal 6
1994 Learner Response to Goal 6
Validation of 4 Purposes & Identification of Key Role Activities
1995 NIFL awards eight planning grants to test and elaborate the Framework and creates a working group to oversee progress
EFF: A Customer-Driven Vision for Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning
1996 NIFL establishes a National Policy Group to provide guidance and linkages to other efforts
Elaboration and validation of Role Maps
Ohio state imageRole Map Development Partner
Identification of Core Skills & Knowledge
Development of EFF Standards
NIFL publishes EFF: A Reform Agenda for Adult Literacy Lifelong Learning, which introduces the initial "role map," and invites programs, learners and other stakeholders nationwide to join in the development process
NIFL publishes EFF: A New Framework for Adult Learning, which introduces the skills and knowledge critical for successful achievement of purposes and roles
Twenty-five Programs in 12 States Begin 18-month Process of Field Development
Feb. - June
Ohio state imageCanton becomes 1 of 25 Field Development Partners
Field Review
Expert Review
1999 Define Approach for Assessing Standards
Nov. - June
Ohio state imageCanton Becomes 1 of 8 Field Development partners Ohio state image9 Ohio Pilot Programs
Define Dimensions for Performance Continuum
Dec. - June
Ohio state imageCanton, Columbiana, Hamilton and
Washington become 4 of 13 Field Development Partners
Ohio state image30 Ohio Pilot Programs
2000 NIFL publishes EFF Content Standards, Launching Implementation Phase
Identify Benchmarks and Levels of Performance
Ohio state imageOhio Research Team Ohio state imageOhio Training Team
2001 Develop Tools to Assess Performance
Develop Qualifications Framework that Focuses on Performance Across Standards
2004 Ongoing Implementation and System Reform


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