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About Us

In the fall of 2003, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation provided funding to initiate the Ohio Literacy Alliance. Faculty and staff of The Ohio State University and Kent State University colleges of education formed a Core Committee to provide leadership for the Alliance.

The Alliance is an association of people who believe the similarities in learning to read and write across the ages and stages of life bear notice. Alliance Associates work to "erase the lines that divide us" so we can learn with and from each other. Alliance associates commit thought, energy, and resources to meeting lifespan literacy needs through their respective communities, agencies, and institutions.

Three goals shape the work of the Ohio Literacy Alliance:
  1. Growth of the Alliance through sustained collaborative communication
  2. Development of web-based professional development resource systems
  3. Creation of effective channels for sharing literacy research with all stakeholders

The Ohio Literacy Alliance welcomes your association.
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The Ohio Literacy Alliance

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