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Teams of
doctoral students at The Ohio State University and Kent State University summarized research relevant to adolescent literacy practices. They worked with David Bloome (OSU), Nancy Padak (KSU), and Jackie Peck (Ohio Literacy Alliance) in this process. Each synopsis contains full bibliographic information, a summary, and implications for the classroom and for literacy leaders.

The keywords for searching the summaries primarily derive from the elements identified in Reading Next (www.all4ed.org) and the AdLIT subsite of the Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading (www.ohiorc.org).

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Summary Writing Team at Kent State University
Allison Baer
Terri Duncko
Marlo Moransky
Nancy Strauch

Summary Writing Team at The Ohio State University
Jacqueline Arnold
Frank Beickelman
Min Jeong Kim
Samara Madrid
Mandy Smith