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List of Honorable Mention Authors

The following authors submitted pieces of writing for this conference and for inclusion in the Beginnings book. However, because of the limited number of pieces that could be accepted, not everyone was included. Each of these writers deserves praise for taking the chance and allowing us to read their work. We hope that each of them will submit writing again next year, when, if possible, we will be able to include more authors in this publication and at the conference.

Jowonna Elder Carl Beasley
Brenda Cordle Connie Eaton
Robbin Pizzoferrato Karen Thomas
Leanard R. Moore Mary L. Garrison
Else Coe Jo Lane Strohl
Violet Jackson Debrina Roddy
Georgeanne Britzman Sabriena Bauer
Marcia Lones Nancy DaVinci
Norma Gittinger Lisa Woodrum
Ora Blevins Oneda C. Pendleton
Donna Osborne Treva James
Ava Payne Kelly Brown
Saba Britton Huda F. Mansour
Joyce Thomas Myrtle Rizer
Gloria Mayle Sabrina Laughlin
Mary Chubb Darrin Alvey
Tashumbre' Jones Pamela Norris
Shelly Grogg Josette Miner
Connie Culberson Tracy Richards
Vicky McCombs Lottie Ramey
Mike Swartz Azra Aziz
Beatrice Trent William Gerstner
Veronica Butler Edith Herning
Annie Bell Noha Chamata
Ana Ciurcel Vladimir Kusmiy
Ljiljana Panovic Ilham Naim
Emelia Twarowski Olga Levitska
James Hornbeck Qamar Siddiqui
Howaida-a-El Shaheed Samia Khalil
Oleksandra Seredenko Laura Weber
Tamaro Flowers Stan Griffin
Shawn Daulton Precious Lovato
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