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I Love You

I want you for myself,
don't want to share you with anybody else,
I want to touch your body,
feel your arms around me.

I want to be your fantasy,
your dream come true,
I want to need your lovin',
make you my only one.

I want you satisfied,
anything your heart desires,
let my heart provide.

Until I feel your heartbeat next to mine,
I've got work to do
'Til every star up in the sky
knows that I love you.

Valentines are Many Things

Valentines are many things:
A nice, friendly smile,
Lots of sweethearts.
Everyone has a friend.
Never to be sad.
Thousand kisses for a lovely person,
It's a flower or a teddy bear.
Name of a saint.
Enough love for friends;
Some people give special gifts

Come Back!

You only came to visit.
I really wish you'd stay.
You only made me want you more,
then moved along your way.

The warmth and splendor of your touch
put music in the air.
The flowers that you brought me
promised that you care.

You teased me and you flirted.
You had your little fling,
Then disappeared and left me cold.
Hurry back! I miss you, Spring!

Volleys of Music Resound Everywhere

Volleys of music resound everywhere.
Airy kisses are everywhere.
Love, flowers, and sweets for you.
Enjoyment, entertainment for you.
Nice to meet you, nice to
Think about you.
I love you.
Noisy, joyful holiday.
Exuberance of sweethearts are
Signs of happiness and love.

The Past

Ever time I walk forward, there is a shadow that haunts me.
The name that lingers with me seems to have an eye on the
Every time I see you, you don't see me - feeling embedded like
a flower with no sprouts, but the seed.

Meadows with a glow of heavenly essence, lighted with the
sun and the cool breeze...with me there is a tint of darkness as
the rain comes near.
When the moon is bright, so clearly the stars glow...with me
the moon is dull and the stars have faded.

The resolution I wish for is you to stand by me with no doubts
and no fears.
With my luck, there is no resolution, only doubts and fears.

Love is an obstacle of shame and bitterness. Everyone who
knows me, male, leaves me nothing but the past.
Seeing the future is hard, but seeing the past is not hard.
Love is sweet, sincere, and my eyes I see grief,
sorrow, and tears.

When the phone rings it is sweetness to the my eyes
it's loneliness with a dull ring. Sorry, I forgot our date.

Love is granted with three wishes from the wishing
my eyes there is only one - And that is the past.

Remembering You

I'll never need reminders of you.
Does oe forget the morning dew?
Its sparkle when kissed by the rising sun?
The freshness it gives to a day just begun?

Does one need to be reminded of
the gentle flutter of the wings on a dove?
You tell me the yellow of flowers sent
will help keep the memory of you permanent.

Could I ever forget your smile
or how wonderful it is being with you for a
do you think anything could ever erase
the heart-warming memory I have of your
face? Could anything possibly hold more bliss
than the incredible memory I have of your
You're given me much more than you know.
Do flowers, when nurtures by Heaven's rain,
forget to grow?

You Are The Light of My Life

The universe creeps within me,
It's inside my eyes.
It's got me hypnotized into life.
Shine your light so I may find
the path that's right.

I Asked Jesus

I asked Jesus,
"How much do
You love me?"
"This much."
He answered.
Then He stretched
out His arms
and died.

I Can't Seem To

I can't seem to get past the feeling
of an emptiness of a love that once was,
and is now, no more!

I can't seem to fight the fear of moving
forward, and seeking a new purpose, and
another identity in my life.

I can't seem to let go of the
past, of things lost, of the sadness, of
a loss of what once was.

I can't seem to stand on my own
two feet, and stand alone.

Lost Souls

My heart aches with such pain.
I can feel it break, I hear it crack.
The endless torture of forbidden love
So sweet with bitter bite.

I reach into the abyss of lost emotion
Only to find darkness of rejection.
I ask, "Why?"
No answer from my lonely heart.

I miss the way we used to be
Lost in the river of memories.
Drowning in the tides of love.
Rescue me from my past!

Help my heart to feel again.
Wake my dreamless emotions from their forever slumbers.
Let me live with purpose.
Let me walk through the graves of the past, without falling.

My heart is suffering a fate worse than death;
A life without your love.
Please realize my dreams, catch my fall.
Wrap me in the serenity of your touch.

The incessant torture of my emotions kill my dreams.
Just love me, just care.
One word of love, one glance of sensitivity
Would save my lost soul.

My fate lies within the chambers of your soul.
Wake me from my nightmares with never-ending love.
I love you.


Love is like a traffic light.
You never know when it's gonna change.
When you see green, go ahead and continue what you're doing,
Because your relationship's in good shape.

When you see yellow, slow down and take safety measures,
So your relationship will be secure and you don't end up at the
Stop light before you want to.

When you see red, stop and find time for you and your partner
To talk and think about what's going wrong in your relationship,
Before it crashes and somebody ends up seriously hurt.

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