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Beginnings II: 1999 Ohio Writer's Conference Foreword
Welcome to Beginnings II, an anthology of stories, poems, and essays written by adult education students in Ohio. The authors and their teachers were honored at the 1999 Ohio Writers' Conference.

This volume boasts a new color and a different binding but the same caliber of writing and level of interest as Beginnings. The 45 authors celebrated here were selected from 242 entries by a committee of faculty, staff, and adult students. We at the OLRC are delighted to present more authors and a few longer stories than last year.

No publication goes to press without the hard work of people behind the scenes. Jim Bowling, Assistant Director of Vocational and Adult Education in the Ohio Department of Education, continues to lend his personal enthusiasm and professional support to this project. We are grateful for the help of The Ohio Literacy Network (OLN) and the ABLE and family literacy teachers who encouraged and assisted students to submit their writing. Jean Stephens, Director of the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, committed the talents of the OLRC staff to the project. Without the vision and work of Nancy Padak, the faculty advisor to the OLRC, the publication of adult student writers would not have been realized.

Bryan Bardine deserves credit for organizing the entire Writers' Conference project and supervising the submission and selection process. Connie Sapin provided oversight of the pro-ject. Adult literacy students Norma King, Elizabeth K. Pierce, Tina Shawbell, and Karen Smith served as readers of submissions, making Beginnings II more student-oriented. Madelyn Thomas contributed the attractive formatting and Andrea Yates helped wherever she was needed.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or an interested reader, you will find brief haiku poems and eerie mystery stories on themes such as family and celebrations. Enjoy your journey through Beginnings II.

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