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Tech Talk: OLRC Update

Web Replaces Gopher
OLRC is the Ohio Adult Literacy Servers Information System, designed and maintained by the OLRC. All OLRC information is now available on the Web, which is recognized as the way to access information on the Internet. The World Wide Web (WWW) is a hyper-linked, simple interface for accessing information available through the Internet. The WWW has become such a standard that after August 1, 1996, the OLRC stopped adding new information to the Gopher and is now concentrating on making its Web site comprehensive and extremely user friendly. (Most systems in Ohio that have access to a Gopher have access to at least a text-based WWW system. If you feel you will not be able access OLRC on the Web, please contact the OLRC.)

The OLRC WWW site contains a wealth of inform-ation for all literacy practitioners. Its simple navigation and layout allow users to access the information and resources they need.

Midwest Regional Hub
The OLRC is also the Midwest Regional Hub in the National Institute for Literacy's Literacy aNd Communication System (LINCS). Designed to enable those in the field to easily access information not only in their own state but across the region and country as well, the Midwest Hub (Midwest LINCS) can be found as a link off the OLRC home page.

How to Access OLRC
To access OLRC, use the open location feature of your Web browser or a lower case g if you are using lynx, the text-based browser. The browser will provide a place to type in the address: After you type the address, hit the enter key and you will be taken to the OLRC homepage.

A Listserv (Internet Mailing List) is a tool to help simplify and expand E-Mail capabilities; it is generally designed around people interested in a common topic. Users sub-scribe to the list by sending an E-Mail message. Once subscribed, any message, question, comment, or reply sent to the list is automatically sent to every subscriber. This means that with one E-Mail message, a practitioner can gain feedback or share ideas with hundreds of people who have the same interests. OLRC currently supports two lists that may be of interest to readers.

Technet and Ohiolit can be accessed by sending a message to: In the body of the message type: subscribe "listname" "firstname" "lastnamev where "listname" is the name of the list you choose (Technet or Ohiolit) and "firstname" "lastname" is the user's first and last name. (Do not include the brackets "".) After that, all messages for the group will be sent to: where listname is the name of the list the user wishes to contact.

Comments Needed
OLRC is constantly evolving, changing, and expanding. We rely greatly on the skills of the OLRC staff, but without the input and ideas of those in the field, OLRC will never realize its full potential. Please contact us through the comments selection on each Web page, or by E-mail or phone with ideas, additional resources, comments, and suggestions.

Web Site Resources on the Internet for the ABE Teacher and Student
Surfing" the Web, trying to find a great site to use in the classroom? Here are a few sites listed by topic that have been discovered and suggested by many of you out in the field. Type the complete address (located after http://) into the "GO" box on your browser, then hit enter and explore!!!

Literature and Writing
Children's Literature Web Guide

Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab

Math and Science
Mega Math

NASA Quest

Social Studies/Current Events
CNN's Interactive Learning Resources for Teaching

New York Times On Line

Resources for Literacy Program Staff and Practitioners
The Foundation Center

ERIC: Adult Literacy Information and Materials on the Internet

These are but a handful of the excellent sites to be found on line. Please check out our web site for more links to excellent on-line resources. And please don't hesitate to inform us of sites that you discover. Just include the URL and a brief note on what you find of value about the site. Just send us an email at and we'll try to incorporate it into our next newsletter. Thanks for your help!

Using the Internet in the Classroom: Success for Local Mini-Grant Recipients
Internet in the classroom" are just buzzwords for many ABLE students and teachers, but for eight Ohio programs and two Minnesota programs these words have special meaning. Through grant funding from the National Institute for Literacy that established the OLRC as the Midwest Regional Technology Hub, these ten programs received a six-month mini grant to use Internet resources with ABLE teachers and students. Due to funding, technical support, and training, the staff at these programs have been able to incorporate Internet tools such as the World Wide Web (WWW), listservs, and e-mail into their curriculum with much success. Highlights of the projects include:
The projects covered a wide range of programs such as large city programs and isolated rural programs, volun-teer programs, family literacy programs, and traditional adult education classes. The staff at these ten programs experienced their share of frustrations at the beginning of the projects--such as long waits for phone installation, difficulty correcting technical problems, a short grant period, and even frozen cables. Nevertheless, each program was able to move past these obstacles and introduce teachers and students to a whole new world via the Internet!

Congratulations to the ten programs, their students, and staff.
Please note: These phone numbers are current for 1996.

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