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Primary activity
Have parent and child identify several people that they are interested in learning more about. The parent then searches the Internet using specified sites to find information on this person, including information the child will be able to understand. (Could be text, video, pictures) Over several class sessions, parent and child then look at the information, discuss it and begin writing thoughts in a journal about what they have seen online.

Additional activities
Have each group specify the parent and child's favorite web site. These could then be bookmarked or turned into a web page creating a class Who's Who web resource Have the parents discuss how they decided which sites to use with the child For older children, involve them in the search process

Advanced activities
Find out where the person is from, then use a site such as MapQuest to find the location Compare that location to the students Check the weather site to see what the weather is in that location Search a new site for news about this person on a daily or weekly basis

Skills developed

  • Writing
  • Analysis
  • Internet use
  • Communication/collaboration between parent and child

    Some sites to start with:

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Sample Page Lists people born on selected dates
  • Google search engine
  • Each Yahoo category has a PEOPLE section go to: either follow the links to the PEOPLE section of each category or use the search at the top of the page and enter the word People. Yahoo will return a page of its PEOPLE lists.
  • Mapquest allows the user to map areas, cities, addresses and routes from one place to another.
  • The Weather Channel
  • Yahoo! News

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